“I want everybody to be proud”: Taz Skylar Voices a Singular Concern Regarding the Future of ‘One Piece’

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Upon the unveiling of Netflix’s One Piece trailer in June 2023, Collider sat down with the cast of the live-action rendition to discuss their aspirations for the series’ duration. Taz Skylar, who plays the role of Sanji, expressed his desire for the show’s length to strike a balance – neither too lengthy nor too brief. His viewpoint garnered support from co-stars Iñaki Godoy and Mackenyu.

Netflix’s One Piece: A Remarkable Adaptation The celebrated creation of Eiichiro Oda, One Piece, received its much-anticipated live-action transformation, and Netflix did not disappoint the legion of fans. Hollywood appears to have broken its ill-fated streak of underwhelming anime live-action adaptations with this release. The series’ consistent presence in Netflix’s top 10 indicates the promise of more adventures for the Straw Hats in the imminent future.

A Glimpse into Taz Skylar’s Perspective on the Series’ Duration In a dialogue with Collider prior to the live-action’s debut, Taz Skylar, who brings to life Sanji, the Straw Hats’ chef, articulated his vision for the series’ length,

“I’d like it to run just long enough to reach a conclusion that satisfies everyone involved – the main cast, the crew, and every contributor. My hope is for all of us to take pride in the final outcome. I wouldn’t want it cut short, nor dragged on unnecessarily. That’s my vision.”

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His sentiments resonated deeply, capturing the consensus of the entire team behind this magnum opus. Luffy’s portrayer, Iñaki Godoy, and Zoro’s actor, Mackenyu, mirrored his sentiments. Skylar’s stance, however, underscores the extensive nature of One Piece as a whole and the significant resources required for a prolonged live-action adaptation. While some enthusiasts might yearn for more episodes, the immediate thrill lies in the upcoming Season 2, promising more escapades with the Straw Hats.

One Piece’s Production Challenges Delving into the intricacies of creating Netflix’s One Piece, showrunner Steven Maeda detailed the hurdles encountered during a conversation with Games Radar. He elucidated,

“The paramount challenge for me lay in achieving equilibrium in the series. Given the fervor and dedication of the fanbase, it was crucial to do justice to their expectations while ensuring the show resonated with the essence of One Piece.”

Maeda further elaborated on the endeavor to craft a series that appeals to both seasoned fans and newcomers. He was adamant that the live-action adaptation should not only cater to existing fans but also captivate potential new enthusiasts. The aim was to remain true to the original narrative while crafting a series that would entice viewers from the get-go.

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