Official: One Piece 1097 FULL SUMMARY

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At age 17, Kuma embraced his role as a pastor. Using his special DF powers, he became a beacon of hope for the elderly and needy, drawing away their pain and suffering. Locals coined his talent as the “Miracle Hand”.

In the same village, 21-year-old Ginny blossomed into a mature young woman, winning admiration and attention, especially from the male population. Ginny, with her big heart, often found herself admonishing the older generation who sought shelter in the church.

There were whispers of discontent about the newly crowned King Bekori. Known for his stingy and heartless ways, he even demanded tributes from the ailing. Eavesdropping on their grievances, the King couldn’t help but blush in shame.

Kuma, ever the gentle soul, assured his followers of his weekly healing sessions, as long as their ailments weren’t severe. However, he bore the heavy weight of all the pain he extracted, much like the moment with Luffy in Thriller Bark, taking it upon himself to bear their suffering.

Witnessing his selflessness week after week, Ginny shed tears for Kuma’s sacrifice. To her, Kuma explained that the pain must be borne by someone; otherwise, it would revert to its original host. But for Kuma, the joy of his people was worth the burden.

25 Years Ago

Now 22, Kuma faced an emotional proposal from Ginny. Though she was persistent, Kuma declined, haunted by the painful memories of his parents’ fate. He didn’t want Ginny to face similar heartbreak.

Their conversations soon veered to Dragon and his Freedom Army, whom Kuma admired. He shared his dream of sailing the seas, helping countless souls. It was around this time that two familiar faces from the past, including Gyugyu, returned to the village, offering fish and hints of affection towards Ginny.

22 Years Ago

A dark cloud settled over Sorbet Kingdom when Kuma, now 25, confronted the King’s army about their human rights abuses. He learned of a new, devastating law: the southern citizens could be enslaved at will. Enraged, Kuma retaliated with Ursus Shock.

King Bekori’s vision was to segregate the kingdom, relegating the southern elderly and impoverished to a separate realm, essentially abandoning them. The King believed this cruel division would lead to prosperity.

Imprisoned for their defiance, Kuma, Ginny, and their friends found unexpected allies in Dragon’s Freedom Army. They stormed the Sorbet Kingdom, overthrowing King Bekori. As the group evolved, with Kuma’s inclusion, they became the Revolutionary Army, echoing their intent globally.

Ginny too pledged her loyalty to the cause.

As they strategized their next steps, Dragon expressed the need for funds and training. Surprisingly, he revealed his past as a Marine, disillusioned by their warped sense of justice. Kuma, inspired by Dragon, promised his allegiance. Despite his commitments, Kuma always found time to revisit his cherished church.

14 Years Ago

Ginny, now a key figure in the East Army, eagerly awaited a reunion with Kuma’s team. However, disaster struck when she was abducted by an unforeseen adversary.

End Note: Unsettling times lie ahead…