One Piece 1094 Spoiler Predictions: This is what might happen

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One Piece 1096 Spoilers

The ongoing Egghead War in the world of One Piece promises to persist in the upcoming chapter, One Piece 1094. In the previous installment, the confrontation between Luffy and Kizaru continued, and fans were treated to a glimpse of Zoro engaging in combat with Lucci. Concurrently, Vegapunk embarked on a mission to the Fabriophase, aiming to rescue Bonney and regain control of the Pacifistas.

Fortune favored the Straw Hat Pirates as they successfully executed their plan. With Luffy keeping Kizaru occupied and Zoro taking on Lucci, Vegapunk managed to reach the Fabriophase safely and reassert control over the Pacifistas. The anticipation for One Piece chapter 1094 is palpable as the story unfolds from this point.

One Piece 1094 Via MangaPlus
One Piece 1094 Via MangaPlus

Luffy vs. Kizaru Goes On In One Piece 1094

One certainty is that One Piece chapter 1094 will continue the clash between Luffy and Kizaru. Although these two formidable characters were locked in combat in the previous chapter, it became evident to fans that the Marine Admiral isn’t entirely committed to the fight. His primary mission takes precedence, and he’s intent on eliminating Luffy to get a clear shot at Vegapunk. Engaging in a protracted battle with Luffy would diminish his chances of reaching Vegapunk. Consequently, Kizaru might employ diversionary tactics to keep Luffy occupied and pursue his real objective.

This tactic was already attempted in the previous chapter, and it’s likely to make a return in the upcoming one. Notably, Vegapunk is currently in the Fabriophase. While the Frontier Dome is sealed, Kizaru, being composed of light, can easily penetrate it. Luffy, on the other hand, might need to break free from the dome and follow Kizaru down to the Fabriophase, where the final showdown may take place. Vegapunk won’t be alone, as he has Sanji accompanying him to ward off any potential attacks from the former marine scientist. Given Luffy’s history of traversing the Frontier Dome, it’s expected that he will do so again if the situation demands it.

Pacifistas vs. Marines

One Piece chapter 1094 is likely to showcase a skirmish between the Pacifistas and the marines who are currently stationed in the Fabriophase. In earlier chapters, it was established that the Marines had taken control of the lower levels of Egghead, with most of the nine Vice Admirals currently on the island. After Kizaru assumed control of the Pacifistas, they were likely on standby. However, the previous chapter saw Atlas regain control of them, setting the stage for Vice Admirals to enter the fray. The Pacifistas were tasked with countering the Marine threat and eliminating them. This clash is something fans can anticipate in One Piece chapter 1094 as these powerful cyborgs demonstrate their might.

Additionally, One Piece 1094 will offer insights into the strength of the marine Vice Admirals. While their abilities vary, some are exceptionally formidable. Figures like Doll and Doberman are worth watching, along with other Vice Admirals who may spring surprises. These combatants are skilled in Haki and can pose formidable challenges. Expect to see them facing off against the Mark 3 Pacifistas or other notable pirates like Bonney, Franky, and Sanji. In any case, the marines will play a significant role in the unfolding narrative as the action shifts to the Fabriophase.

Saturn’s Role

With Atlas controlling the Pacifistas, a fascinating plot point arises, and One Piece chapter 1094 may see it unfold. The Pacifista Control Hierarchy has been elucidated multiple times in the Egghead arc. While Vegapunk holds the highest level of control, the Five Elders occupy the topmost position. Unbeknownst to Vegapunk, one of the Five Elders, Saturn, is currently stationed just outside the island on a vessel.

Fans might witness a temporary alignment of the Pacifistas with Vegapunk and the pirates, but it’s only a matter of time before Saturn intervenes. Saturn is likely to order the Pacifistas to turn against the pirates. This plot point is poised to materialize soon, and based on the ominous conclusion of One Piece chapter 1093, the time may be ripe.

Should this scenario transpire, the Straw Hat Pirates will find themselves with their backs against the wall, facing overwhelming forces. Luffy is already locked in combat with Kizaru, while Zoro confronts Lucci. Sanji, despite his strength, cannot take on 50 Pacifistas and nine Vice Admirals simultaneously.

Jinbe is preparing for an escape, and Robin was previously injured. The crew lacks the firepower to confront such potent adversaries. The odds become even slimmer if Saturn joins the battle. However, they possess one trump card that could tip the scales.

One Piece 1094 Via MangaPlus

The Awakening of the Iron Giant

The Straw Hat Pirates’ most potent asset in this battle is the Iron Giant. Luffy’s activation of Gear 5’s giant form awakened this formidable entity in the previous chapter. The Iron Giant has yet to reveal its current target, with its previous goal being Marijoa.

Significantly, since Luffy triggered its awakening, it implies that he might have the ability to control it. If this is true, the Straw Hat Pirates will have a powerful ally capable of engaging the navy fleet and facilitating their escape. Additionally, the crew needs to regroup and redefine their priorities for this battle. Luffy must confront Saturn, a formidable Warrior God, while Zoro and Sanji tackle Kizaru collectively. Jinbe, just as he did against Who’s Who, may face off against Lucci.

The Iron Giant can confront the Pacifistas, allowing the Straw Hat Pirates to engage the marine Vice Admirals one at a time. While the battle is a formidable challenge, victory is imperative to safeguard Vegapunk and continue their pirate journey. One Piece chapter 1094 is poised to be pivotal, addressing these crucial plot developments.

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