One Piece 1096 Full Spoilers & Summary

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One Piece 1095

The title for One Piece Chapter 1096 is “Kumachi.” This tells us the big flashback from the last chapter will keep going. There’s also a special picture of Zoro, which fans asked for. Usually, Oda Sensei has hidden stories in these pictures, but this time it seems different.

Like I said before, the big reward in this game is a Devil Fruit, just like in Dressrosa. Ivankov and Kuma have a plan to get away from the World Nobles. They want the Devil Fruit from this game. They might try to steal it. But I think they will play the game, win the fruit, and then use it to run away.

The Big Arrival of the Rocks Pirates This flashback also shows the famous Rocks pirates coming in. We see the big leader, Rocks D. Xebec, and others like Kaido. Garp, from the World Government, is there too.

A big surprise is that Elder Nyon, also known as Gloriosa from Amazon Lily, was in the Rocks Pirates group.

The Big Reward of the Game The chapter tells us the special Devil Fruits Ivankov and Kuma want. They are the ones Kaido and Kuma have now. Somehow, Ivankov got Kaido’s fruit, and Kuma got his own fruit. But then, Kaido takes his fruit back from Ivankov. Still, Kuma is quick and eats his fruit before anyone can stop him. After that, Kuma meets someone named Saint Saturn.

More Spoilers (Updating)

Cover Story: Zoro is featured in it. It is a cover request, not a story

Ivankov and Kuma create a plan to escape God Valley by taking the Devil Fruit prizes from the slave hunt tournament and using them.

The Rocks pirates come to God Valley, and we see them (and Kaido lol). Garp is also sent there as well.

Elder Nyon (from Amazon Lily) is revealed to be a member of the Rocks Pirates

Among the prizes, there are Kaido’s Devil fruit and Kuma’s Devil Fruit. Ivankov and Kuma plan to take them to escape.

Big Mom arrives and confronts Ivankov. She takes the Devil Fruit Ivankov held (Kaido’s). But Kuma manages to eat his Paw-Paw Fruit and meet Saturn.

We also see Roger’s pirates, with Roger having the straw hat with him.

We don’t see the whole God Valley Incident. We only see the different factions arriving, and skip to Sorbet Kingdom in which Kuma, Ivankov and Ginny escaped to

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