One Piece Chapter 1094 Full Summary

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One Piece 1094

The scene unfolds with Pacifistas rallying to Atlas’s command, engaging the Marines in combat. Amidst the chaos, Bonney steps up against the Marines, unleashing a unique skill, “NDE”, causing her targets to experience visions of their own demise.

Bonney then confronts two Vice Admirals. One remains unnamed, recognizable by his elongated chin and mustache, armed with a majestic staff crowned by a seashell. Opposite him is “Bluegrass”, an elder woman who possesses the “Nori Nori no Mi” power, giving her control over any entity she rides, making her a formidable opponent atop a Pacifista.

As the situation becomes dire for Bonney, Sanji swoops in from the “VegaTank 8” to her rescue.

Suddenly, a mystical circle emerges at the heart of Egghead island, marking the arrival of Saint Saturn. A warning bellows out, cautioning Marines below the rank of “Rear Admiral” against direct eye contact with this mysterious entity. A Marine disregards the caution, resulting in a lethal consequence.

Saint Saturn’s visage is a fusion of humanoid and arachnid elements, reminiscent of Black Maria, crowned with horns and enveloped in ethereal attire. Clues hint at a potential hybrid transformation, possibly linking him to Ushi-Oni, a creature of Japanese folklore.

The narrative shifts to a weary showdown between Luffy and Kizaru. Their skirmish gets interrupted by Kizaru’s sudden departure, as he rushes to confront Vegapunk. His attack, however, misses its mark but shatters the cloud road in its wake.

Saturn’s commanding voice halts the Pacifistas. The overwhelming aura emanating from him freezes even the mightiest, including Luffy and Kizaru.

The duel between Luffy and Kizaru resumes, with Luffy catching Kizaru off guard using “Gomu Gomu no Star Gun”, an attack that pierces Kizaru’s visage, creating a dazzling starry effect. Both combatants collapse from exhaustion.

As Luffy descends, Saturn whispers, “Nika…”, hinting at a deeper connection. Luffy’s energy is drained, reverting him to his aged form upon landing.

The climax features Saturn confronting Bonney, Sanji, Vegapunk, and Franky. Memories from Bonney’s past flash, hinting at a deeper connection, but remain ambiguous. She surges forward, plunging a blade into Saturn, marking a suspenseful end.

Chapter concludes. Fans can look forward to the next installment without delay.

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