One Piece Chapter 1095 Full Summary

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One Piece 1095

As the chapter unfolds, the Vice Admirals ready themselves to aid Saint Saturn. However, Saturn dismissively tells them to halt. He confidently claims he could have evaded Bonney’s assault if he had chosen to. With a swift move, Saturn extracts a sword from his body, making his bleeding cease.

Unleashing a powerful aura from his eyes, Saturn strikes at both Bonney and Sanji. They endure head injuries, bleeding slightly, but thankfully their heads remain intact.

Kizaru, weakened and pinned to the ground, extends his apologies to Saturn. Saturn retorts, “You’re dragging your feet more than usual.”

Luffy narrowly escapes a crushing blow from Saturn, thanks to Franky’s quick thinking and arm extension. Luffy remains awake but silent. Saturn’s enigmatic force has incapacitated Vegapunk, Bonney, Sanji, and Franky. Vegapunk theorizes, “If it’s not a result of science, then it must be the work of a Devil Fruit!”

In a gripping moment, Saturn seizes Bonney, causing her to exclaim, “You took my father’s life!”

A brief memory surfaces: a younger Bonney learns about Nika from Kuma. Together, they revel in the drum rhythms associated with Nika. Kuma expresses his desire, “Bonney, I yearn to be a savior, much like Nika.”

Back in the present, Saturn reveals that Kuma belongs to the “Buccaneer Lineage”— a clan known for a past misdeed and possessing the strength of Giants in their veins.

Another flashback ensues, taking us 47 years back to Sorbet Kingdom. Kuma, born to a regular family with his father from the “Buccaneer Lineage” and a human mother, becomes a victim of the World Government’s treachery when his unique bloodline is disclosed, leading to his family’s enslavement.

The tragic tale of Kuma’s parents unfolds: tales of legends from the father and a gruesome end brought on by a Tenryuubito’s cruelty.

Fast-forward to 38 years ago, a sinister game is introduced. The Tenryuubito, in their cruel amusement, hold a deadly hunt on islands they wish to conquer, releasing slaves as prey. The chosen land for that year was the resource-rich “God Valley.”

As the narrative returns to young Kuma, we witness the cruelty he endured. Yet, hope seems to glint in the distance as two young figures appear, identified as a younger Ivankov and a girl named Jinny/Ginny. They approach with playful banter and an offer of camaraderie to Kuma.

With an empowering message, Ivankov inquires of Kuma, “I’ve chosen to fight on. Will you?

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