One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers: Monkey D. Dragon’s Past Revealed

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The latest spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1097 have surfaced, shedding light on Dragon’s history.

Note: These are merely spoilers and not the official content of the chapter. Please approach them cautiously.

One Piece Chapter 1097 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1097 Leaks: The chapter, named “Ginny”, kicks off in the Sorbet Kingdom, where both Kuma and Ginny reside.

Emporio Ivankov Portrait

To counter the World Government’s exorbitant tribute, the Sorbet Kingdom’s monarch imposed a significant tax on the populace. He also split the kingdom into two sections.

Ivankov27s Entrance

Name Biography
Monkey D. Dragon The enigmatic leader of the Revolutionary Army, Dragon’s mission is to dismantle the World Government’s corrupt system. With a past as a Marine, his belief in justice caused a rift, leading him down a revolutionary path. Dragon’s relationship with other characters in the series, particularly Luffy, has kept fans speculating.
Emporio Ivankov Also known as “Okama King”, Ivankov is the commander of the Revolutionary Army’s Grand Line forces. Famous for his “Horu Horu no Mi” powers and Newkama Land in Impel Down, Ivankov is a character full of flamboyance and a deep sense of loyalty to those he deems worthy.

One sector is safeguarded by the state, while the other operates outside legal boundaries. Kuma is found in this lawless segment.

The Revolutionary Army, with Dragon and Ivankov at the helm, is depicted launching an assault on the Sorbet Kingdom, deposing its despotic ruler. Concurrently, Kuma aligns himself with the revolutionaries.

It emerges that Dragon previously served in the Marines but deserted upon grasping the lack of fairness within the Navy.

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14 years prior, both Kuma and Ginny held positions as the Revolutionary Army’s commanders.

The chapter wraps up with Dragon being informed of Ginny’s abduction.

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