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the recent installments of One Piece have shed light on the tragic history of the series’ mysterious character, Bartholomew Kuma. His life has been marked by adversity from his earliest days. Following the death of his parents, Kuma was made a servant under the harsh conditions of God Valley. As we reached the closing scene of the chapter, the unexpected abduction of Ginny has left fans speculating eagerly about the developments in the upcoming chapter. Today, we bring you spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1098.

Kuma, who once found solace in the presence of Ginny, is constantly shadowed by his traumatic history. Despite her desire to settle down with him in marriage, Kuma is hesitant to do so because of the ghosts of his prior life.

The pair later allied with the Revolutionary Army, which led to fresh sorrows revealed through the spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1098. Kuma faces another crushing blow, the nature of which remains ambiguous at present. This new sorrow seems to set him on his journey to transformation into a Pacifista.

Regarded as one of the most poignant narratives within One Piece, Kuma’s story has been unfolding as one filled with relentless hardship and sorrow. His tale is a poignant exploration of how past trauma can define someone’s fate. Fans are now awaiting the complete story of Kuma’s transformation into the character he has become.
One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers

The title of the next chapter, “The Birth of Bonney,” hints that the upcoming content will delve deeper into Ginny’s story.
Who Abducted Ginny?

Initial spoilers indicate that a Celestial Dragon kidnapped Ginny, forcing her into matrimony.

This kidnapping points to a series of complex events. The identity of the abductor was hinted at in the previous chapter and is connected to the increasing presence of the God Knights in recent plots. It’s suspected that the kidnapper could be Garling or another powerful Holy Knight, given that Ginny, as the East Commander of the Revolutionary Army, would not be easily subdued by the likes of Saint Charlos.
Ginny’s Two-Year Captivity

Ginny was eventually freed from her captivity, not out of compassion, but due to a lethal illness she contracted. For two years, she was unable to reunite with Kuma, enduring forced marriage to a Celestial Dragon—a truly deplorable situation.
One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

After her abandonment, Ginny sought to reach out to Kuma one final time. Kuma used his Devil Fruit power to rush to her side, only to arrive too late.

The emotional weight of these events on Oda is palpable; Kuma’s existence is defined by a succession of agonies. The next time he heard from his beloved Ginny, she had passed away, leaving behind a baby girl, Bonny, who inherited her mother’s illness.
Kuma’s Role as Bonney’s Guardian

As Bonney grew, her relationship with Kuma flourished. He became a father figure and protector to her, offering a brief respite of joy amidst the recurring darkness.
One Piece Chapter 1098 Spoilers
One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

However, peace was fleeting as King Becori emerged to wreak havoc in Sorbet Kingdom, where Kuma and Bonney had made their home. Facing a nemesis from his past, Kuma had to confront his darkest memories as Bonney opposed Becori, leaving Kuma with an excruciating decision.

What lies ahead with the return of Becori is still to be disclosed, but it is evident that the fragile peace Kuma had found is now broken. As more details of his life are exposed, Kuma’s narrative continues to intertwine with tragedy and complexity.

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